NEW 4X4 Go Any Where Tool Kit. PROMO RELEASE , FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. (21 Nov 2012)

Product Code: 41421

This 142pc Tool Kit is a superb assortment of industrial quality tools aimed directly at the serious tradie 4X4er and home handy man, all presented in a rugged carry case.
The kit comes with 17 metric ring & open ended spanners ranging 6mm to 24mm, flare nut ring spanners from 8mm to 19mm, and a comprehensive range of metric sockets in sizes ranging from 4mm right up to 32mm and presented with 3 high quality ratchets - 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 drives. The list goes on covering tools such as screwdrivers, Hex Keys, pliers, breaker bars, bit sets and spark plug sockets.
All items have part numbers on them so they are easily identifiable.
This is defiantly a must for your next 4X4 trip or just as a spare around the house.

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