To be successful in todays competitive market, it is essential to achieve high efficiency without compromising on quality. FORCE takes this view seriously and is pleased to introduce to you 3 brand new tool systems -

FORCE Cabin I - superior tools storage

FORCE Cabin II - the ultimate in tool storage

FORCE On Demand - fully customized

By replacing your current tool kits with FORCE, you are choosing to streamline your workshop operations.

The FORCE Tools System not only presents in a most professional and distinctive style but influences a new plan of tool organisation. Locating the right tool for the task is easy when each tool has a set place and a missing tool is noticed at a glance.

Our Systems allow you to implement a concept that is effective in saving time, reduces losses and offers outstanding quality & finish. That is, FORCE TOOL SYSTEMS produces a measurable, repeatable and sustainable system thus creating what we call the FORCE EFFECT.

What is the FORCE Effect?

The FORCE EFFECT is the total efficiencies, both physical and financial, you gain by implementing the Force Tools System. The direct effect of implementing this simple, yet very effective improvement to your workshop, results in both time and money back to you.
  The Effects >   The Benefits
  Physical Effects     Physical Benefits
- Highest Quality Steel and finish > - Less warranties & down time
- TUV certified. Includes DIN, ISO, 9001 & 2000 > - Quality control assured
- Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty > - Guaranteed support
- Enhanced Professional appearance
(European design)
> - Raises workshop appeal and customers confidence
- Modular Storage system both EVA and Poly signature tool prints > - A system that grows with your business and makes organisation easy
- Fully customized Toolkits available > - Designed to suit you and your business
- Superior quality Tool boxes (with top blade and drawer blocking system) > - Greater security and care for your equipment and for your staff (OH&S)
- Toolboxes available in 3 colours. (Black, Blue and Red) > - Identification and allocation made easy >
  Financial Effects     Financial Benefits
- Force Tools System supports same workshop and hours > - Increases profit and productivity
- Force Tools System builds customer confidence > - Increases customer loyalty and new clientele
- Warranty and Support > - Reduces down time
- Optional FORCE Finance* > - No Capital outlay
      - Maintains cash flow and increases tax deductibility
* To apprvoed business applicants

The graph below is based on actual time and money saved and the productivity gained by implementing the efficiencies of the Force Tools System.


How valuable is your time and what does it cost you?

Conservatively speaking, workshops operate 40 hours per week and lose up to 15 minutes per day of valuable time because of poor tool organisation. The time wasted and frustration experienced due to misplaced tools results in lost productivity and therefore, less profit. If your time is valued at $70.00 per hour and you lose 75 minutes down time per week, in real terms this equates to $87.50.

FORCE TOOLS will break this negative cycle and change the actual loss into a very positive gain. As the graph demonstrates, over a 3 year period, the sum of retained income amounts to an impressive $13,650 .

The FORCE TOOL Systems maximises your productivity and reduces time wastage each and every day.

Regain this income, use it to finance your FORCE TOOLS SYSTEM and continue to reap the benefits of the FORCE EFFECT.

Optional FORCE Finance Solutions*

What is FORCE Finance Solutions?

To increase your efficiency, we have provided the option of fully financing your purchases.

FORCE TOOLS AUSTRALIA has utilised the services of a finance provider and has linked to provide you with FORCE FINANCE - 100% - No capital outlay - Quick supply - Simple paperwork - Financial approval within 24 hours.

5 Reasons to FORCE Finance your next purchase:

  1. Easy Funding
    Force Tools Australia offers 100% financing of tool kits to approved business applicants via our finance partners.
  2. Tax Deductability
    Lease payments are tax deductible
  3. Preserve Credit Lines
    There is no need to go to the bank and complete lengthy forms or use up existing credit lines such as the overdraft. The Force Finance facility is quick and simple.
  4. No money down and make money from Day 1.
    Force Finance allows you to make money from the very first day as payments are low and utilizing the new kits will immediately implement the FORCE EFFECT efficiency systems. Increase your productivity and allow more time to spend with customers, paperwork or completing more jobs per day , hence increasing your earning potential.
  5. The tool kits pay for themselves
    As you can see from our productivity analysis the cost saving to your business per month will far exceed the monthly lease payments, making your purchase extremely worthwhile.

How to arrange your FORCE Finance purchase:

STEP 1 - Discuss your purchase requirements with your Distributor

STEP 2 - Request a FORCE FINANCE Application Form - Details required are brief and simple!

STEP 3 - Once completed and faxed, approval is obtained within 24 hours.

* To approved business applicants